Create World Class Craft Lagers and Ales

All without a refrigerator.

Introducing BrewJacket Immersion, the world’s first all-in-one fermentation temperature control system. Immersion is a powerful solid state cooler and temperature controller that gives you the ability to make the best homebrew lagers and ales you have ever created, without sacrificing space to a refrigerator.

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Just Set The Temp

It's that easy. Immersion will meticulously maintain whatever temperature you set, whether it's an ale fermenting at 64º F or a lager at 48º F. No refrigerator required.


BrewJacket Immersion can bring your homebrew lagers as low as 35º F (20º C) below the ambient temperature of your house, allowing you to create craft lager beers without a refrigerator. Just set the temp and Immersion cools your lager until it is achieved, then actively maintains the set temperature.

Lagers require fermentation temperatures around 50º F (10º C) for a period of 3 weeks or more. Before Immersion, this simply wasn’t possible to achieve without a dedicated second refrigerator or access to a bavarian cave.

BrewJacket Immersion


Immersion easily maintains temperatures for ales. Just set the temperature you’d like to ferment at and sit back. Ales produce considerable heat during primary fermentation, upwards of 5º to 10º F depending on your recipe. If left unchecked, hot fermentation environments can produce esters, fusel alcohols, and other classic homebrew flaws.

Quite possibly the biggest thing that separates home brewed from professionally-brewed beer is the temperature at which it was fermented.

Performance Abilities

Degrees F Below Ambient

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Degree F Per Hour Cooling Speed

Compatible Fermenters

Precision Temperature Control

Stable temperatures make happy yeast, and happy yeast make world class beer. Because Immersion uses solid state cooling technology coupled with extremely precise resistance thermoprobes, temperatures measured are accurate to 0.1º F and the system will hold your ferment to 0.5º F. Thermowell recommended.

Fully Protected Ferment

To keep the heat from your house out of your beer, it has to be insulated. You wouldn’t keep the door to your refrigerator open, would you? The good news is we’ve created a highly insulated, waterproof, beer-proof, heavy duty jacket that can take anything your small brewery (or house) can throw at it, and it’s included with every BrewJacket Immersion.

With the same insulation factor as a freezer, the jacket protects against shocks in the ambient environment.

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