About Us

BrewJacket, Inc. was founded in 2013 by homebrewers in Ithaca NY.

BrewJacket, Inc. is located in Cornell University’s PopShop at 325 College Ave, Ithaca NY 14850.

aaron bio shotmatt bioAaron Walls - 
Aaron began homebrewing while an undergrad at The University of Georgia. Unhappy with how hot it was in Georgia and how hard it was to ferment beer there, he moved to Summit County Colorado, where he spent a lot of time snowboarding, hiking, drinking beer, and our course, home brewing.


In 2012 he moved to Ithaca NY where he currently attends Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management. He will graduate in 2014 and has plans to return to Colorado. Aaron is the firm’s Chief Executive Officer.




Matt Goff – Matt encountered Aaron during an entrepreneurship class at Johnson where he let Aaron talk him into pulling all nighters to create a business. Matt, lover of beer, was convinced and is the firm’s Chief Technical Officer.

Matt is currently working towards his Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell University.




evg bio Evgeniy Tkachenko – Evgeniy Tkachenko was a later addition to BrewJacket. Having previously known Matt from Cornell, Evgeniy shares the same love of beer as is expected from a true Russian. Evgeniy decided to bring his experience as a mechanical engineer in the oil industry to BrewJacket in hopes of brewing the perfect beer. In his spare time, Evgeniy enjoys trying new beer, learning about everything, and being a nerd. He is the firm’s VP of Engineering.