We’ve received a whole bunch of feedback from our kickstarter backers and potential backers and one that stuck out was how many people were bummed to miss out on our two door buster specials. We did some math, argued like the dickens with the guys upstairs, and finally got the go-ahead to introduce two new reward tiers: Bring a Friend and Club Pack.

New Reward #1: Bring a Friend ($224 each)

The Bring a Friend reward opens up a special pricing tier for people interested in buying two Immersion Pros, and their priced at $224 each! This way you can team up with your brew buddy and double down on BrewJacket Immersion Pros to take your collective game to the next level (or simply keep the two for yourself).

New Reward #2: Club Pack ($199 each)

The three-unit Club Pack has been revised and we’ve brought back our door buster price of $199 per unit! Hit up a few friends, or put the tab on the club dues, because 3 Immersion Pros will allow you and all your fellow zymurgists to start brewing non-stop.

Both of these reward tiers can be coupled with upgrades for cooling only units by adding $79 to the total cost in the text box. Same goes if you want a conical jacket, just add $70 to sub one conical jacket and $140 to sub two conical jackets. If you haven’t yet brewed with a conical, holy moly. The results are worth the upgrade.