Since we successfully completed our kickstarter for Immersion Pro in March of this year, we’ve had the opportunity to communicate with an exceptionally large number of homebrewers. The biggest piece of feedback that we have received around Immersion and Immersion Pro is that while everyone seems to love the product, it is just a little too expensive for many people. We’ve taken this feedback to heart and we’ve been working very hard to reduce the cost of both Immersion and an Immersion Pro.

   We’re happy to announce that through both higher volume of production as well as engineering changes we implemented over the summer, we’ve been able to reduce the stand alone price of Immersion and Immersion Pro as well as the multi packs:
   This price change brings us in line with what we were advertising during our kickstarter campaign, so if you happened to miss out on our Kickstarter, now’s your chance to get in! Please feel free to reach out to us at with any questions you may have.